Identity Theft

Just the thought of it scares most people.  There are several things that you can do to protect yourself and also measures we take as your Bank to protect your identity.  Your privacy is our priority. 

Protecting Yourself

  • Safeguard Your Financial Information such as checking and credit card numbers, and you social security number.  Unless you know the person or organization you’re dealing with, don’t give it out, even to someone claiming to be from the bank. 
  • Report Lost or Stolen Checks Immediately.  Review new deliveries of checks to make sure none have been stolen in transit.  *We print our customers checks.  If you’re not ordering them from our in-house printing service, you should.  We ask you to designate a branch of ours where you’d like to pick your checks up.  No checks in the mail is the safer way to go. Plus, it’s faster to have us print a box of checks versus having them printed and mailed from an online company.
  • Notify Your Bank of Suspicious Phone Inquiries such as those asking for account information to “verify a statement” or “award a prize”.
  • Shred Financial Solicitations or financial statements before disposing of them.
  • Deposit Your Mail Into a Secure Official Postal Service Collection Box.
  • If Regular Bills Fail to Reach You, call the company to find out why.  Someone may have filed a false change-of-address notice to divert your mail and steal your identity.
  • If Your Bills Include Questionable Items, investigate immediately.  This is often the first sign of identity theft fraud.
  • Avoid Phishing Scams. Never reply directly to or click on a link in response to an email that asks for personal or financial information.  If you are concerned about your account, contact the company or institution via a web site you know to be genuine.  Remember – your bank will never contact you “out of the blue” to ask you for personal financial information

If you have one of our Kasasa® checking accounts, you can get more than awesome rewards. You can also get protection by signing up for Kasasa Protect.

  • 24/7 credit monitoring
  • Annual credit reports
  • Monthly credit score and tracker
  • Dark web monitoring
  • Lost wallet protection
  • Identity restoration

Kasasa Protect’s monthly service fee is automatically debited from your checking account, so no additional checks to write, lapses in coverage, or due dates to remember. Employ around-the-clock protection against fraud and ID theft. Speak to an account representative about Kasasa Protect today.


Lost/Stolen Debit & Credit Cards

A lost or stolen debit or credit card needs to be reported immediately!

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Telephone Banking

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