Savings Plans

Regular Savings

Making it easy to save. Open this account with $100 and receive a variable rate of interest calculated on a daily available balance.  Two tier levels available.

  • No minimum deposit needed to open for minors
  • Interest compounded and credited quarterly.
  • Direct Deposit into account at no charge
  • Set up automatic payments or transfers from account.
  • Rate levels are:
    • Up to $5,000
    • $ 5,000.01 -over


Kasasa Saver

Kasasa Saver® is available to you only when you have a Kasasa Cash® or Kasasa Cash Back® checking account.  When you earn cash rewards in your Kasasa® checking, those earnings transfer into your Kasasa Saver.
Learn more about Kasasa Saver.®

  • Free account that builds your savings effortlessly
  • Links to free Kasasa Cash or Kasasa Cash Back checking
  • Automatic transfers of Kasasa Cash or Kasasa Cash Back earnings
  • No minimum balance to earn rewards
  • No monthly service fee
  • $50 minimum deposit to open


Bright Future

For parents and others wishing to assure a Bright Future for their children. This account offers an easy way to set aside regular amounts and watch it grow to meet their educational or other goals.

  • Account offers a preferred rate with two rate levels:
    • Up to $5,000
    • $ 5,000.01 or more
  • Can set up regular automatic deposits into the account
  • Low opening deposit of just $25
  • No maintenance fee
  • Custodial ownership
  • Quarterly statement
  • Can easily transfer to your choice of Certificates of Deposit or investment products
  • Can remain in account until age 21


Money Market Plus

For smart investors who want liquidity of their money. Offers market-based interest rates without the concern of a time-deposit and early withdrawal penalties. Open with just $2500.

  • This account has five rate levels. Interest is paid on the daily balance, so as your balance grows so does your rate of earnings
  • Rate levels are:
    • Up to $5,000
    • $ 5,000.01 -$ 10,000
    • $10,000.01 – $25,000
    • $25,000.01 – $50,000
    • $50,000.01 +
  • No monthly fee with a $2,500 daily balance or $10 per month if balance falls below $2,500 any day of the month
  • Receive a monthly statement showing activity and interest credited
  • Receive free checks to draw against the account when you choose


Health Savings Account

A Health Savings Account (HSA) is a tax-free interest bearing account that can be used to pay for medical expenses. To qualify, the individual must have a high-deductible health insurance plan.

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  • Annual contributions into an interest-bearing checking account are tax-deductible. Contributions can be made all at once or throughout the year
  • Interest is earned tax-free


  • Annual contribution limits may vary for an individual and family contributions.  Be sure to review the current year’s contribution limits.
  • Contributions can be made annually. You have up until April 15th or your tax-filing deadline to contribute for the prior year.
  • If you’re 55 or older, you may be able contribute an extra $1,000 depending upon current year rules
  • Write checks to withdraw money for medical expenses throughout the year. Amounts distributed are not taxable provided they are used for medical expenses
  • Or, you can pay your medical expenses out-of-pocket and let the HSA balance accumulate tax-free. There are no withdrawal requirements
  • You select primary and secondary beneficiaries who will receive the HSA in the event of your death
  • A minimum deposit of $100 is required to open the account. If the balance falls below $100, there is a $3 fee for that month



Bluff View Bank accounts are free with e-statements.  If you choose to receive a paper statement, a monthly service charge may apply to your account.  Contact us for complete details.

FDIC Insurance Information

For information about FDIC insurance coverage of transaction accounts, please visit the FDIC website.