CD Rates


CD Special TermBalanceInterest RateAPY*
11$10,000 minimum
*Annual percentage yield effective12/27/2019, subject to change without notice. Requires $10,000.00 minimum to open. The $10,000 deposit must be new money not currently on deposit with Bluff View Bank. 11 month CD pays interest at maturity. APY assumes interest earned remains on deposit until maturity. Early withdrawal penalty is equal to 180 days interest and may reduce earnings. Contact a bank representative for complete details.
CD TermBalanceInterest RateAPY*
Rates effective 5-29-2019
Rates Subject to Change Without Notice.
32-91 Days$500 - $9,9990.25%0.25%
Over $10,0000.45%0.45%
Six Months$500 - $9,9990.50%0.50%
Over $10,0000.85%0.85%
One Year$500 - $9,9990.80%0.80%
Over $10,0001.15%1.15%
18 Months$500 - $9,9990.90%0.90%
Over $10,0001.25%1.25%
24 Months$500 - $9,9991.00%1.00%
Over $10,0001.35%1.35%
30 Months$500 - $9,9991.10%1.10%
Over $10,0001.42%1.43%
36 Months$500 - $9,9991.20%1.20%
Over $10,0001.50%1.51%
48 Months$500 - $9,9991.40%1.40%
Over $10,0001.75%1.76%
60 Months$500 - $9,9991.60%1.61%
Over $10,0002.00%2.01%
Add-Vantage CD (40 Months)$1,000 Minimum1.75%1.76%
Add-Vantage FLEX CD (6-18 Month)$500.00 Minimum1.15%1.15%
Safe Rate Certificate (36 Months)$2,5001.50%1.50%
Interest paid annually. Early withdrawal penalty equal to 1 year's interest. Annual interest rate change on anniversay.
Select CD (9-18 Months)$2,5001.15%1.15%
Interest at maturity or annually. Early withdrawal penalty equal to 180 days interest.
1 month to 12 month terms pay interest at maturity.
12 month to 60 month terms compound interest semi-annually.
*APY means Annual Percentage Yield. All APY calculations assume interest remains on deposit. Account fees may reduce earnings. Accrued interest will be paid upon early withdrawal. Rates may change after the account is opened.

FDIC Insurance Information

For information about FDIC insurance coverage of transaction accounts, please visit the FDIC website.