Mastercard® Debit Card

EMV “Chip” Debit Card Bluff View Bank’s debit card is like having your cash, checkbook and ATM card all rolled into one.  With our debit card your account balance will automatically update when you make deposits, transfers, and/or withdrawals… so your money will be available to you immediately. Your debit card allows you to make purchases directly from your checking account without the hassles of writing a check.  Use your debit card to make purchases at millions of Mastercard merchants worldwide and skip the checkout delays that come with check approvals and proof of identification.  All purchases made with your Bluff View Bank debit card will be listed on your monthly checking account statement for your record keeping convenience.  Your debit card is much safer and easier to carry than cash or checks and can be used at ATMs worldwide, anywhere you see the familiar Mastercard, Cirrus or Shazam symbols. Instant issue debit cards are available!  You can request a card today, and start using it today!  Bluff View Bank’s instant issue Mastercard debit card is also a “chip” card.

Brella app Debit card holders can download the Brella app to have better control over their debit card use and security.  Set it up to alert you to any potentially fraudulent activity. When you’re aware of suspicious activity, call us and put a stop to it! Check your balance information on your smartphone, tablet or home computer anytime, anywhere. Send and receive secure person-to-person money transfers and locate the closest surcharge-free ATM. Anytime, for any reason, you can temporarily block and unblock your card, giving you more control over your account. Misplaced your card or had it stolen?  Go to your Brella app and block your card from being used.   Contact us for more information or to request your card today! Brella user guide

Lost/Stolen Debit & Credit Cards

A lost or stolen debit or credit card needs to be reported immediately!

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