Bill Pay

Bill paying is easier than ever! 

Add Bluff View Bank’s “iPAY” to internet banking and you can set up all the bills you pay weekly, monthly, quarterly… any way you want to!

No more stamps to buy.  No more checks to write.

You can pay the local chiropractor, vet or florist.  It doesn’t have to be big name corporations—you can even send a check to a loved one on their birthday!

You control WHEN the bills are paid and HOW MUCH to pay.

Set up payment reminders and view a pending payment calendar.  Send payments to anyone with an email and a bank account.  Even transfer funds to your personal accounts at other financial institutions.

Enroll in Bill Pay

Bill Pay is FREE with any Bluff View Bank checking account.  Payments can only be made from a Bluff View Bank checking account.

In order to use Bill Pay you must be enrolled in Bluff View Bank’s Online Banking. You may sign up for Bill Pay through your Online Banking account. Login and follow the prompts.

Now you can pay your bills right from your mobile device too!  Once you’re enrolled in Online Banking you can download the Mobile Banking app.  All of your bill pay information will be available on your phone.

Interested?  View our Bill Pay Demo here.

Switch to Bluff View Bank in just minutes! 

We make it easy for you with ClickSWITCH, our automated switch tool that will safely and securely move recurring payments and direct deposits to your new Bluff View Bank account.

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