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2020 Golden Club event schedule:

Tuesday, February 25th —Minnesota Marine Art Museum, National Eagle Museum and more!  Let’s take in some lessons today.  We’ll start the day with a stop in Winona.  It’s pretty close by but I bet not many of you have taken the opportunity to visit the Marine Art Museum; I know I haven’t.  We’ll then head on to Wabasha for lunch and The National Eagle Center.    We’ll be treated to a program plus you’ll be able to peruse the two floors of exhibits, visit with eagle ambassadors and view wild eagles over the Mississippi River—hopefully lots of them!  A visit here is always fun, even for those who have been there before.  A stop at the Nelson Creamery is a must since we’ll be driving right past on our way home.  Ice cream is great any time of the year.  They also have a great selection of wines, cheeses and lots of other things to browse through.                       

Reserve your spot & pay by February 4th.  Members: $57 Non-members: $62

Admission and tours at Marine Museum & National Eagle Center, lunch, transportation and all tips included in price.    SHORT NOTICE—GIVE ME A CALL SOON!


Wednesday, April 29th —The Dixie Swim Club at Old Log Theatre.  This comedy centers around five Southern women who become friends on their college swim team.  The group sets aside a long weekend every August to recharge their relationships.  Free from husbands, kids and jobs, they meet at the same beach cottage to catch up, laugh and meddle in each other’s lives.  The play begins 22 years after they graduate from college and focuses on four of those weekends, spanning a period of 33 years.  This is a study in friendship and how it grows and changes through the years.  Make this a “girls day” or men, earn some brownie points by bringing your favorite gal to the show (I bet you’ll enjoy it too!); either way this is sure to be a great day.          

Reserve your spot & pay by April 10th.  Members: $90 Non-members: $95 

Theatre ticket, lunch, transportation and all tips included in price.    


Wednesday, June 17—Let’s do something new and different!  Like spend a couple hours browsing (maybe buying) at the Keg and Case Market in St. Paul.  It is located at the old Schmidt Brewery site.  It offers numerous diverse chef-driven restaurants, a taproom, incredible coffee, organic ice cream, a variety of confections and treats, honey, and meats.  Every heard of halva or Switchel?  This market has them both!  Additionally, you’ll find a florist, local art and pottery and everything from grilled cheese to banh-mi.  Find a spot for lunch to satisfy your own palate (paid on your own).  Then pick items from among the 70+ other merchants to take home with you.  We’ll spend a couple hours at the market; walk around as much or as little as you like.    Check out the website for a list of merchants to get a game plan ahead of time.   We’ll make another surprise stop before I drop you back off at your car.                                                                    

Reserve and pay by June 1st. Members: $35 Non-members: $40



Hope to see you soon!

Jennifer Elliott



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