Cash Management

Commercial Online Banking (Cash Management) offers corporations, LLC’s, partnerships and community or non-profit organizations a full-service tool for managing your accounts at no extra cost to your business.

Cash Management lets you establish multiple users with varying levels of authority based on their level of responsibility in your company.

Bluff View Bank’s Cash Management offers:

  • Up-to-date list of all accounts, balances and interest rates
  • Detailed transaction history
  • Electronic statements (e-statements) available for 24 months
  • Images of cleared checks
  • Funds transfer same-day between accounts, or scheduled in advance
  • ACH payroll origination via the online banking screens or via a file you send us through Online Banking
  • Outgoing wire transfers
  • Automatic reminders to your e-mail address for due dates, birthdays, appointments, etc.
  • Balance alerts to your e-mail address
  • Export account data into Quicken®

ACH Origination

This feature lets you make a Direct Deposit to your employees’ checking or savings accounts on payday. It’s available for as few as two or three employees, to hundreds.  For a smaller number of employees, simply use the ACH batch screen to set up the payroll information for each employee, then save it to use for each future payday.  If you employ a larger number of employees, you may use the ACH import feature to send us a NACHA-formatted file each payday.

To find out more, contact your business banker. (Additional fees will apply for this service.)

Enrolling is Easy

When you enroll, you may select your own password.  Within a day or so, you’ll be online and enjoying the benefits of Bluff View Bank’s Online Banking.

Enroll in Commercial Online Banking
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Lost/Stolen ATM Card

A lost or stolen credit or debit card needs to be reported immediately!

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